Cabin 40 Images | About
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About Me

Capturing images has been a life-long passion.

At the age of twelve, I bought my first 35mm camera from a pawnshop in Southern California. It spurred my interest in photography that blossomed in college, and has continued pretty much non-stop since then.

It was more of an avocation that a job in the early years; but my post-college career included 13 years in television news and documentary work, followed by 10 years of owning and operating a small video production company.

As work took me further from my young family, I made a difficult but wise decision, and put my vocation on the backburner in favor of living in the present with my wife and children. I never abandoned production work or photography; it merely morphed to part-time, and more of a hobby.

In 2008, the company I worked for suffered a fatal blow in the economic crisis. I began working in production and still photography anew, this time with more of an emphasis on still imaging in favor of video. I’ve continued on that path ever since.

My chief joy in photography is seeing what others don’t, whether it’s in the initial shot, or a heavily manipulated file that brings out the essence of what I see.

Today, I continue to shoot both commercial and personal artistic work. The following are the areas of photography that reflect the best of what I do:


  • Architecture
  • Events
  • Journalism
  • Landscape
  • Product shots
  • Artistic expression


Please review my work in the following areas. If you see a fit between my work and your vision, I welcome a conversation. Thank you for your attention, and your feedback is most appreciated.